STARC Minutes 8-19-2015

In attendance:

  • Joanna Axelrod – Escondido
  • Diane Satchwell – SCLC
  • Nerissa Robinson – SCLC
  • Sam Liston – Oceanside
  • Jennifer Lawson – SDCL
  • Chris Pickavet – Carlsbad
  • Jacqui Petri – Carlsbad
  • Cynthia Lewis – Escondido
  • Phil Gunderson – SDPL


1. Serra Website

Nerissa said that she should be able to give the STARC committee access to make changes to the website.  She will look into this.  Joanna sent in an email with a variety of comments and requests for the website prior to the meeting.  Nerissa can make these changes by the end of the day, including:

  • Remove Twitter link
  • Remove News
  • Change Resources to Share to Peformer’s List
  • Add Zinio and Overdrive to Cooperative purchases.
  • Change the link for Zinio to lead to the Zinio landing page.
  • Add which version of ILS is used to Bios.

Jodie proposed that all libraries use the same format for their fines and fees to make it easier to create a chart which can be posted on the website.  After discussion, it was decided that the website would include only the Fines and Fees charts, not the loan period, and the library systems listed in the chart would be linked to their own libraries’ fines and fees pages. It is important to many of the directors to have this information collected in one place.

Joanna questioned whether posting the Performer’s List on the website should be a bigger priority than a fines and fees chart, since in the past it was an important shared resource.  SCLC explained that they had not received a list from the Children’s Committee.  Jennifer commented that it was very time consuming to create and maintain and that the Children’s Committee may need assistance to choose the best and easiest technology to do this.  Sam (Oceanside) and Cathy (Escondido) volunteered to work with Children’s Committee on this.  They will attend the next Children’s Committee meeting on September 21st, 10-12.  Nerissa will join via phone.

The Serra website launch has been moved  from August 31 to October 9th, so that the Performers’ List can be added first.  The list may be rough draft initially, with a final, working version added later.


Escondido, Coronado and National City were included in the first phase of CENIC.  The second phase is in process, including Carlsbad, Oceanside and Chula Vista.  All will be connected to super fast broadband by the end of 2016.  Most libraries have at least 1GB, San Francisco has 10GB.  Los Angeles will be the first 100GB library.

3. Zinio

Zinio costs $70,000 per year for the platform fee, plus the annual subscription fees.  All fees are currently paid for through Serra by the State Library.

Sam questioned whether or not this was the best use of funds.  He would like to see the total per checkout cost to help make that determination.  He suggested that eBooks might be a better investment and wondered if all Serra libraries might go in together vs. the current model, where SDCL and SDPL have their own accounts.  Jennifer expressed concern that SDCL has invested larger percentages of their budget into eBooks and might see a lower return as a result of sharing: Would SDCL customers have a longer wait?  Would SDCL circulation decline, because other circulation from other communities, who are currently using SDCL eBooks, would then be attributed to the other member library’s statistics?  This discussion is to be continued.

Diane mentioned that the State Librarian has indicated he’d like to have one library card across the state.  Oregon currently uses this model.

Jodie will send a final list of Zinio titles for the current year.  This year has been paid for and the new subscriptions have begun.

4. Freegal

Carlsbad considered Freegal and may subscribe in the future.  They are looking into other services and getting quotes at this time.

Chula Vista decided to add the service.  They are limiting customers to 3 downloads a week and 5 hours of streaming each day.

SDCL decided not to subscribe at this time, due to the much higher pricing for libraries with 1+ million customers.  Staff with music specialties reviewed the service and felt that it did not provide enough added features over what customers can get from free streaming apps to justify the price.  In addition, they didn’t feel customers would be satisfied with the limits.

5. Digital Proficiency Checklists

Jodie sent a technology proficiency checklist created by Colorado State Library and endorsed by the Edge Initiative  None of the libraries currently use a similar list.  Oceanside is currently reviewing learning management software and will incorporate this into the system.  Escondido plans to offer follow up training on their new ILS and eBooks this year.  SDCL is focusing on digital literacy this year, starting with eBook and Zinio training for staff.

Jodie asked if we wanted to have a Serra-wide training plan.  Sam suggested we share our models so that systems can customize to their needs.  We agreed we want to share models and customize. There will be further discussion in the future.

6. Link+ and Circuit

Jackie (Carlsbad) expressed an interest in participating in Link+ and Circuit.  SDPL explained that member libraries that do not have Innovative for their ILS must purchase an INN Reach DCD server to participate, which is expensive.  In addition, there is a membership fee.


The next meeting will be held on November 18th, 9:30 am.

The minute taker will be Sam Liston.  Minute taking will rotate in alphabetical order by last name.